Why Net Zero?


Big changes are coming

Right now, carbon emissions produced from everything from heating our homes, travelling in our cars and how our food is produced are way too high. Net Zero is all about getting the right balance between the amount of carbon emissions we put into the atmosphere and the amount of carbon that is removed from it.

What you can do

Get tips on what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint.

Forth Valley Net Zero Heroes

Meet the local heroes doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions.

Support for your business

Find out what help is available to help your organisation reach net zero.

Forth Valley for Net Zero


Our business and communities are driving a new green revolution to help tackle climate change.

All eyes will be on Glasgow and Scotland in November as the UK hosts the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase how the Forth Valley is playing a leading role in helping Scotland and the UK hit their Net Zero targets. Once, this area was at the forefront of the industrial revolution that changed the world. Now, we’re part of a new green revolution to cut emissions and help stop climate change.

We’re home to big businesses who are committed to making big cuts in emissions from their operations. We’re home to innovators whose new technologies will help communities all over the world reduce their carbon footprint. And we’re home to lots of farms, small businesses, third-sector organisations and individuals who are making small changes that will make a big difference to achieving Net Zero.

Forth Valley for Net Zero is here to show how anyone in our area can make a difference.

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