Forth Valley for Net Zero launches on Earth Overshoot Day

Jul 27, 2021

As the world marks Earth Overshoot Day for 2021, the Forth Valley area is demonstrating its commitment to tackling climate change and achieving Net Zero through the launch of a new campaign, Forth Valley for Net Zero.

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. In 2021, it falls on July 29. It’s crucial that this date moves back later and later in the year as the world transitions to a Net Zero future. We’ve chosen this date to launch Forth Valley for Net Zero to demonstrate our area’s commitment to tackling climate change and to showcase the actions being taken in our communities and businesses to help achieve Net Zero.

The Forth Valley for Net Zero campaign will initially focus on the countdown to the UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in November and marks the start of a decade of delivery driving down emissions to meet Net Zero targets. The campaign will focus on innovation and industry, communities and places to show how the Forth Valley, including the industrial town of Grangemouth, is making the change to become a greener, Net Zero space. It will give assurances that climate positive innovation is happening and that there will be future jobs for people in the green economy.

The campaign will also encourage local businesses and members of the community to take action now, including:
• asking individuals to sign up to the Conservation Without Borders “Count Me In” campaign and choose to ‘Take A Step’ to take practical action to tackle climate change
• nominating local Forth Valley Net Zero Heroes to showcase what they are doing now to tackle climate change and to inspire actions in others
• promoting ‘Net Zero Weekends’ suggesting Net Zero activities and things to do
• supporting businesses to sign up to the UNFCC Race to Zero pledge

Local events will include a visit to the Forth Valley by Conservation without Borders founder, Sasha Dench. Also known as ‘the Human Swan’, Sasha will be landing at the Kelpies as part of her Round Britain Challenge where she circumnavigates Britain in a specially adapted, green electricity powered paramotor to highlight the impact of climate change.

The Forth Valley for Net Zero campaign was created through a partnership of local businesses, organisations and local authorities. The partners have come together to demonstrate their commitment to meeting Net Zero by 2045 in Scotland and to show how anyone in our area can make a difference in achieving that goal.

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