How Scottish SMEs can start the Journey to Net Zero

Oct 25, 2021

Many Scottish SMEs want to help tackle climate change and start their journey to net zero but are not sure where to start. At times, it can feel like only wealthy billionaires and big corporations can influence and control climate change. Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) are often left out of discussions when it comes to being part of the solution to tackling the climate emergency.

There are 384,000 Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) in Scotland alone who represent 47% of Scotland’s annual turnover. Many want to make their business more sustainable but either don’t know where to start or are worried it will cost too much money. Yet achieving Net Zero involves all of us taking small steps in our homes and businesses.

Luckily, help is at hand. To help you start to make your business more sustainable, our partner Net Zero Scotland Community is hosting the Future Series featuring online and in-person events during COP26 aimed at helping SMEs start their Net Zero journey. Running from 1 – 12 November 2021 there will be 3-5 sessions each day on a variety of themes, including Creating the Future; Future SMEs; Future Nature; Future Generations; Future Communities; Future Mindset; Future Mobility; Future Innovation and Future Action.

Two events will also take place in person – one in Glasgow as part of COP26 and one in the Forth Valley at the Falkirk Wheel:

  • 2 November: In-person and live streaming event from Scotland’s Climate Action Zone at COP26 focussed on getting SMEs started on their Net Zero journey.
  • 9 November: In-person and live streaming event from the iconic Falkirk Wheel, featuring real life case studies and a panel discussion from SMEs plus attendance by the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Bus Tour.

With a range of speakers including SME business leaders, young people, Net Zero specialists, Local Authorities and Social Enterprises, you can either register to attend the in-person events or take part from the comfort of your own home and catch up with the recordings if you can’t attend events live. Forth Valley for Net Zero is a supporting partner for the Future Series event at the Falkirk Wheel and we are inviting Forth Valley business to come along.

Gavin Tweedie, Chairman of the Net Zero Scotland Community, said: “We’re delighted to be recognised by the Scottish Government to lead an event mobilising the Scottish SME community within their COP program. It is quite an achievement to put on a 12-day program of events both online and virtually for anyone, anywhere in the world to take part in. It’s more remarkable for an organisation that is purely volunteer based.  It shows what can be achieved, when determined people, with a shared purpose get together.  Net Zero. We can do this!”

You can view the full programme of events and register on their website. You can register for the Future Series event at the Falkirk Wheel on 9 November here.

All events are free to attend. However, the Net Zero Scotland Community is a voluntary organisation and donations towards the costs of the events are welcomed.

To find out more about how you can start taking action now to make your business more sustainable, save money AND be more profitable, take a look at this video featuring James Napier, Co-Founder of the Net Zero Scotland Community. 

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