INEOS Grangemouth: Working Towards Net Zero

Sep 21, 2021

INEOS as a group and as a Grangemouth based complex is 100% committed to meeting the Paris Accord climate change goals.

  • Since acquiring the site in 2005, its operations have reduced their CO2 footprint by 37% or 2 million tonnes a year.
  • By 2030, it will reduce net emissions by a further one million tonnes and aims to achieve Net Zero by 2045.

This means that by 2030 INEOS Grangemouth will have achieved a net reduction in CO2 emissions of three million tonnes a year. This is the equivalent of planting over 500 million trees or removing the emissions of roughly half of all the cars on Scottish roads in 2019.

INEOS Grangemouth operations will continue to reduce their emissions every year through a combination of:

  • Fuel Switching – moving away from oil and natural gas to low carbon hydrogen.
  • Feedstock Switching – increasing use of biofuel “drop-ins” for the Petroineos refinery and increasing the use of waste plastic in creating recycled product lines.
  • Optimisation – integrating operations to improve reliability, reduce down-time and continue to reduce flaring.
  • Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage – working with partners in the Acorn CCS Project to develop Scotland’s first carbon capture and storage system.
  • Offsetting – using recognised methods and approaches to balance out the residual emissions that clean technologies cannot eliminate.

This has been enabled by a combination of sound science and energy smart engineering management across the site. Together, the INEOS companies at Grangemouth are committed to meeting the targets set by the Scottish government on the route to fulfilling the “Just Transition.”

“We recognise the need to work with others in industry and government to deliver collective impacts bigger than we can achieve alone. This is why we are committed to, and participating in, the Forth Valley for Net Zero initiative.”
Stuart Collings, CEO, INEOS O&P

To find out more about the progress towards Net Zero that INEOS Grangemouth are making, take a look at the short video clip featuring an interview with Stuart Collings, CEO, INEOS O&P or visit the INEOS Grangemouth website.


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