What you can do to reach net zero





Reaching Net Zero by 2045 in Scotland will need us all to do our bit. The Forth Valley has already made some big reductions in the area’s carbon emissions. There’s a lot more to do though. Some of the changes we need to make are big and will happen over the coming years as technology and legislation changes. But there’s lots that we can be doing now to keep reducing carbon emissions across the Forth Valley. Most of the things we can do don’t have to cost a lot and some might even save you money.

Take a look at our ideas to show how you and your business or workplace can make a difference today.

Between 2009 and 2019,

overall Co2 emissions in the

Falkirk area dropped by


In 2019, Falkirk area emissions dropped by


on the previous year compared to a 3.6% drop across the whole of the UK

Source: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

As a business

Make the Race to Zero pledge!

We aim to get 100 Forth Valley businesses to Make the Pledge and sign up to the UNFCC Race to Zero by the time COP26 starts in Glasgow on 1 November 2021.

Net Zero for Business

Here we look at what businesses have been doing to reduce their carbon footprint, make their business more efficient and even save money as they support the push to Net Zero.

Back the Scottish Cluster

The Scottish Cluster brings together industry, academia, communities, policy makers and regulators to work together to make a net zero Scotland a reality. Take a look at how your organisation can get involved and back Scotland and Scottish industry to meet Net Zero targets and create low carbon jobs.

As a community

Count Us In

Find out what practical actions you can take now to reduce your emissions and Take A Step as part of the Count Us In campaign. We aim to have as many people as possible across the Forth Valley taking part in Count Us In by the time COP26 starts in Glasgow on 1 November 2021.

Net Zero Weekends

Take a look at what you could do to reduce your carbon footprint this weekend! Look out for ideas and inspiration at the end of every working week and information on how to get involved in local events and activities.